International Association of Applied Psychology

How will your commitment contribute to the digital transformation of health and the effective use of data to achieve UHC by 2030 in your specific country or region of focus?

This volume includes contributions from world experts focusing on innovations in health worldwide, presenting best practices, unique technological applications and social innovations in healthcare policy and programmes in the COVID-19 recovery period and beyond, addressing the urgent need for physical and mental health delivery and access for all, as called for by UHC and the UN 2030 Agenda. The 8 Parts include overviews (context of human rights, climate change, ethics); financing mechanisms; directions (innovative data collection systems, models, game-changing and cutting edge innovations); role of stakeholders (government, NGOs, private sector); toolbox featuring program examples and for special populations; fora, conferences and networks. The volume is a major resource for research, knowledge, advocacy about policy and programs from around the world to guide development and implementation of integrating advanced technological tools with community health interventions, to “reach those at the last mile” and “leave no one behind.”

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