How will your commitment contribute to the digital transformation of health and the effective use of data to achieve UHC by 2030 in your specific country or region of focus?

The reach52 access healthtech platform enables access to a full range of health services in low-connectivity markets, from equipping health workers, screening, and advice to e-commerce for affordable health products, last-mile logistics and data analytics. Community members and health workers are equipped as networks of agents with the “offline-first” mobile platform to manage the services (collect data, run health programmes, deliver products). reach52 partners with the public, private and philanthropic sectors to translate their business, social and access strategies into impact through our healthtech platform and agent network. The data we collect and analyse through our platform is used to deliver the relevant health products and services to the relevant populations. In summary, we are building and scaling sustainable digital health systems for the 52% of the world who can’t currently access healthcare, accelerating progress to UHC 2030.