Transform Health

How will your commitment contribute to the digital transformation of health and the effective use of data to achieve UHC by 2030 in your specific country or region of focus?

Health systems around the world are becoming increasingly digitalised. With this has come a vast increase in the amount of health data that is collected and used. This has sparked the need for stronger governance of that data to ensure it supports public good. Despite the development of health data governance policies and legislation in several countries, there is an absence of comprehensive, globally unifying principles or a framework to inform the governance of health data. Transform Health and partners have been working to help fill this gap by stewarding the development of a set of representative and human rights-based Health Data Governance Principles grounded in equity and UHC. They are a critical milestone and contribution towards the development of a global framework for health data governance, support the use of digital technologies and data for global public good and support progress towards UHC.