Find key messages, event guidelines, a social media toolkit and all the information you need to advocate for the digital transformation of health during Digital Health Week!


Health For All In A Digital Age: Key Messages For Digital Health Week

A concise document making the case for digital technologies to achieve Universal Health Coverage.
Use this to draft your key messages, conduct advocacy and champion digital health during Digital Health Week.


A Guide To Planning An Event During Digital Health Week: YET4H & Transform Health

A brief guide to help you brainstorm your topic, participants, routes of engagement, and relevance to digital health, when planning a Digital Health Week event!

Participation Checklist

Participation Checklist (for registered participants)

If you are hosting an event this Digital Health Week, download this checklist to make sure you locate your moment within this global week of action! Find the DHW Video and other key assets and instructions for your event.

Find posters and key messages about digital health.

1. Digital Health Week Assets Package

Download Digital Health Week Assets Package, Including Logos, Header Images For Social Media And Zoom Backgrounds.

2. Digital Health Week Banner

#DigitalHealthWeek🌐 is here! We are coming together with organisations around the world to champion digital health to achieve #HealthForAll. Join us!


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3. Get Involved

Get involved in #DigitalHealthWeek🌐! How?

📢 Champion the cause of digital health!
🎫 Host an event, run a campaign, take an action!
✊🏽 Make a commitment on how your work will advance digital transformation!


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4. Infographics (to be used during Digital Health Week – from 29th November 2021 onwards.)

This #DigitalHealthWeek🌐, we’re going back to basics! What’s digital health?

It’s not just high-tech gadgets – digital health also includes digitisation of patient records, staff training & digital literacy, and political will!

We need digital transformation for #HealthForAll!

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This #DigitalHealthWeek🌐, let us imagine a reality where we have #HealthForAll in a digital age!

The digital transformation of health allows everyone to make better decisions about their personal health, by giving them more information, privacy and agency. 💪🏾

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Digitally enabled health systems improves:
✅ access to essential health services
✅ quality of health services
✅ affordability of healthcare

On #DigitalHealthWeek🌐, let us commit to making this a universal reality!

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Digital tools and technologies allow healthcare workers to be more empowered to improve the efficiency and capacity of health systems! 👦🏻 ⚕️

On #DigitalHealthWeek🌐, we call for the digital transformation of health to achieve #HealthForAll!

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The digital transformation of health is beneficial to EVERYONE! Public health data improves medical research, which leads to better health outcomes for all. 📈

On #DigitalHealthWeek🌐, we call for the ethical sharing of public health data and a health data governance framework!

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What does #HealthForAll in a digital age look like?

This #DigitalHealthWeek🌐, we imagine a reality where everyone has MORE:
⬆️ agency
⬆️ awareness
⬆️ control
over their own health!

Digital technologies can make that happen! 🤝

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#HealthForAll remains a distant reality. Digital tools and technologies can bridge this gap by improving health services’:
✅ accessibility
✅ affordability
✅ availability
✅ quality


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The #DigitalDivide is one of the biggest barriers stopping the benefits of #DigitalHealth from reaching everyone.

On #DigitalHealthWeek🌐, we must work towards dismantling this divide to ensure #HealthForAll!

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In order for the benefits of digital health to truly reach everyone, we must ensure that digital transformation is rooted in equity, sustainability and human rights! 🌱

Digital health systems help us achieve #HealthForAll! 🏥


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We can’t talk about digital health without talking about a #HealthDataGovernance framework!

COVID19 showed us that data sharing can speed up medical innovation & lead to better public health – but we must have rules governing the use of our health data! 📊


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