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How will your commitment contribute to the digital transformation of health and the effective use of data to achieve UHC by 2030 in your specific country or region of focus?

Poor healthcare quality in low and middle-income countries leads to 5.7-8.4 million deaths annually (WHO). Poor quality of healthcare also causes more deaths than a lack of access. Along with expanding coverage and financial protection, improving quality of care is a key component to achieving universal health coverage (UHC) and improving health outcomes amongst vulnerable groups. SafeCare is a stepwise approach for improving quality of care at primary healthcare facilities in resource-restricted settings. Using internationally accreted clinical standards, SafeCare tracks, acknowledges and certifies healthcare quality improvement, thus improving care provision. Through SafeCare’s transformative digital tools, stakeholders in the field benefit from an interactive, real-time quality management and monitoring platform. As well as helping to benchmark a facility’s performance, it allows the principles of continuous quality improvement to be integrated into daily operations and provides real value in a motivating environment. Scaling SafeCare’s digital tools will drive quality improvement towards UHC.